Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

EFFECT: A grounding pose for the beginning of practice and a relaxing pose at the end.

PROPS: Blanket or bolster.

GAZE: Close your eyes.

PRECEDING POSES: At the end of practice, everything.


PRECAUTIONS: To modify to avoid lower back pain, you can place a blanket or bolster underneath your knees.


We’ve already touched on this pose once before. However, because this is the pose that you’ll end every practice with, it seems appropriate to address how to come out of the pose here.

1. From Savasana, start to deepen your breath. Wiggle your fingers and your toes and reach up overhead to stretch through your body.

2. Draw your knees into your chest and roll onto your right side.

3. Gently press your way up into a comfortable seated position.

4. Bring your hands to prayer and gently bow your head to your hands, taking a moment to acknowledge all the work you did.

TIP: This is the point of practice where you would say namaste, which means “The divine light in me salutes the divine light in you.”

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