Extended Side Angle Pose (Parsvakonasana)

EFFECT: Stretches torso and lower back, strengthens legs, grounding.


GAZE: Top hand


COUNTERPOSES: Mountain pose, Standing Forward Fold

PRECAUTIONS: Beware of letting your front knee buckle in toward the middle of the mat. Draw it toward the wall behind you so that it points straight ahead.


1. Start in Warrior II. Reach your front arm forward as far as possible.

2. Place your hand on the outside of the front foot. Turn your top palm toward the front of the room and reach it forward alongside your ear.

3. Roll your chest open as you hug your bottom hip underneath you

TIP: If you cannot reach the ground with your bottom arm, try one of the following arm variations. Take your hand to the inside of your front foot. Place your hand on a block either inside or outside your foot. Put your forearm on your thigh so that it’s parallel to the front of the mat.

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