Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

EFFECT: Works on balance.

PROPS: Block.

GAZE: Top hand


COUNTERPOSES: Standing Forward Fold, Down Dog

PRECAUTIONS: If it bothers your neck to gaze at your top hand, look down at your bottom hand.


1. Start in Triangle pose. Look forward, bend your front knee, and shift your weight onto your front leg as you lift your back leg.

2. Place your bottom hand on the ground or a block and extend your other hand straight up.

3. Flex through your back heel as if you’re stepping on a wall behind you. Keep your neck in line with your spine.

TIP: The distance between your hand and your bottom foot should be the same between your armpit and the top of your hipbone. If your hand is too close to your foot, it will be difficult to balance yourself.


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