Hot Yoga Is Fun Exercise for Full Figured Women

Hot Yoga Is Fun Exercise for Full Figured Women

Hot yoga is a trend that is popular all across North America. However, many do not know that it’s a great way for full figured women to exercise, tone up and shed pounds.

Hot yoga is a spin on traditional yoga in which participants practice yoga in a very hot room. The precise temperature may vary, but is generally in excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat of the room lends itself to greater potential weight loss for the participants, since they are able to stretch further, hold poses longer, and sweat more.

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Larger Women

Because of the greater weight loss potential, as well as all the benefits of traditional yoga (including a toned and flexible body, stress reduction, and a workout which is not overly strenuous), hot yoga makes an ideal exercise program for a full figured woman who wants to improve her muscle definition and tone.

  • Full figured women can take advantage of the greater weight loss offered by hot yoga, compared to that of traditional yoga.
  • Hot yoga tones the muscles for greater definition and an overall healthier body image.
  • The increased temperature of the room helps participants to stretch further and helps to prevent injury.
  • Practicing yoga relieves stress by calming the mind and relaxing the body.
  • Hot yoga aids in the oxygenation of the blood for greater health in daily life and in the studio.
  • The sweating induced by hot yoga and the specific stretches which it employs help to flush impurities from the bloodstream.

Start Off Slowly with Yoga Classes

Due to the extreme room temperature, most beginners to hot yoga will encounter problems such as nausea, light headedness, and dizziness.

These problems may be magnified in a woman with a fuller figure and can potentially be dangerous if ignored. Women who are in poor physical condition may want to begin with traditional yoga to become accustomed to the routine before switching to the much more demanding hot yoga.

When beginning hot yoga, it is vital to be extremely well hydrated and to know when to rest. Ignoring symptoms such as light headedness can lead to fainting, which can cause injuries.

All beginners, and especially full figured women, should listen carefully to their bodies and should not be afraid to sit out for one two of the asanas (hot yoga postures) if they are beginning to feel overworked.

Choosing Comfortable Clothing

Since modern beauty standards often dictate that “thin is in,” fuller-figured women may feel uncomfortable wearing form fitting or revealing clothing in a group setting. This can be a worry with hot yoga, since the heat of the room means that light clothing is a must.

The good news is that light clothing doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be tight or revealing. Full figured women may be more comfortable wearing something like light and loose fitting cotton, similar to the outfits worn by martial artists.

The loose cut allows the body to comfortably utilize its full range of motion; all “problem areas” are covered; and the thin and breathable material is suitable for the temperature.

For the full figured woman, hot yoga can be an ideal exercise: demanding but slow paced, with both mental and physical benefits. By taking extra steps to ensure comfort and safety, a fuller figured woman can comfortably transition into the exercise routine.

Hot Yoga Is Fun Exercise for Full Figured Women

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