The Perfect Clothing to Wear to Yoga Classes

The Perfect Clothing to Wear to Yoga Classes

Wearing comfortable, activity appropriate clothing to yoga class can actually enhance the enjoyment of the workout while ensuring maximum flexibility and movement.

Comfortable and functional yoga clothing helps participants practice Asanas (yoga postures and poses) more effectively. There is no strict uniform for Yoga classes (though some studios may encourage certain apparel), so participants are generally free to wear whatever makes them most comfortable.

Yoga Tops For Ease of Movement

Yoga tops are generally made from light materials like cotton or Lycra, and should never restrict movement. Students may consider wearing one of the following options to yoga class.

  • Lightweight T-ShirtsA thin, lightweight tee offers a good deal of coverage while allowing a full range of movement. Light, organic fibers let air circulate through to avoid overheating.
  • Tank TopsA tank top is a popular alternative to a t-shirt. It exposes more skin and will tend to be more form fitting, which some people may prefer for working out. Since there are no sleeves to worry about, a tank top does not restrict movement at all. It also allows the Yoga instructor to clearly see the position of the body and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Sports BrasFor a woman who is confident with her body, a sports bra may be ideal. Forms of yoga like Bikram and Hot Yoga, which encourage heavy sweating, are most comfortably performed in minimal clothing.

Yoga Bottoms for Maximum Comfort

Pants used for yoga tend to be very multipurpose – they can be worn to all different types of exercise classes and they also make comfy lounge wear for lazy days at home.

  • Yoga PantsThere are pants which are specifically made for yoga (thus the name “yoga pants”). They are loose, lightweight, and usually cropped around the knee.
  • LeggingsLeggings are form fitting and occasionally too tight, but sufficiently stretchy leggings can make a good choice for yoga clothing.
  • ShortsLoose, light running shorts or shorts made of a stretchy material like Lycra are another good choice for yoga students. Jean shorts are a definite no, however, as they are bulkier and restrict movement too heavily.

Unitards Are Popular in Yoga Classes

Some people may prefer to wear a unitard to yoga class, which looks similar to a one-piece swimsuit. This allows the ultimate in body positioning without hindering movement or flexibility in the legs or arms.

Socks, Shoes and Bare Foot Choices for Yoga Footwear

Some yoga studios require bare feet, but others will allow students to optionally wear special yoga socks or shoes. A pair of lightweight yoga “slipper” shoes or “sticky” grip style socks specifically made for yoga can help prevent slipping and provide extra padding for sensitive feet. It can also reduce concerns about hygiene for those not comfortable practicing in bare feet.

Other Comfort Considerations

Yoga participants should always follow these style rules:

  1. Jewelry should not be worn during workouts. Small studs in piercings are usually acceptable, but anything dangly needs to be removed.
  2. Long hair should be securely tied back in a ponytail or bun.
  3. Strongly scented lotions, aftershaves, or perfumes should not be used, as a courtesy to the other students. Deodorant is encouraged, however.

Wearing appropriate yoga attire, and purchasing a quality Yoga mat will help participants exercise more effectively to get the most out of their time and effort.

The Perfect Clothing to Wear to Yoga Classes

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