Revolved Chair Pose (Parivrtta Utkatasana)

EFFECT: Strengthens legs, detoxes body, keeps spine flexible.

PROPS: None.

GAZE: Sideways

PRECEDING POSES: Chair pose, Seated Twists

COUNTERPOSES: Mountain pose, Standing Forward Fold

PRECAUTIONS: If you do not have enough space to get your arm to the outside of your opposite leg, separate your feet hip-distance apart and twist with open arms.

Your left arm goes to the inside of your right thigh as your right arm reaches toward the ceiling and vice versa on the other side.


1. Start in Chair pose. Bring your hands to your heart in a prayer position.

2. Twist to the right, bringing the elbow of your left arm to the outside of your right thigh.

3. Press your right palm down into your left palm as you continue to press your left elbow on to the outside of your right thigh.

Check your knees to make sure you haven’t jutted one in front of the other. If you have, draw your forward knee back in line with your other knee. Repeat on the other side.

TIP: Use your breath to help you twist. Inhale and lengthen through your spine; exhale and twist deeper.

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