EFFECT: Stretches hamstrings and inner thighs, calms.

PROPS: Blanket, bolster.

GAZE: Forward

PRECEDING POSES: Seated Forward Fold, Wide Leg Forward Fold

COUNTERPOSESBound Angle pose

PRECAUTIONS: If it is difficult to sit up straight, place a blanket under your hips. Do not fold forward if this causes your back to round.


1. Start in Seated Staff pose. Bring your legs apart to form a wide “V” shape.

2. Flex your feet and straighten through your legs. Your kneecaps and toes should face the ceiling.

3. Place your hands behind you and sit up tall. Keep length in your spine as you fold forward, walking your hands with you.

TIP: To turn this into a restorative pose, place the bolster in front of you, fold forward, and lay your chest on top of it.

How to perform Seated Wide Leg Forward Fold Pose (Upavistha Konasana) #yoga #yogatips #thefitjoy