Easy Pose: Sukhasana

Easy Pose: Sukhasana


Sukhasana is meant to be a grounding pose where you can meditate or practice breath work.


Sit evenly on your sit bones and cross your shins in front of you. There should be space between your calves and your thighs.

Once in the pose, relax your shoulders. Sit up tall.

Take any extreme arch out of your back by using your abs to draw your lower ribs back into your spine.


If you want to practice ujjayi breathing here, close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply in and out through your nose.

Remember to fully fill up your lungs. Once you get the hang of it, aim for a nice, even breath so that the length of your inhale matches the length of the exhale. Try to do this for a minute or longer.


While this is called Easy pose, it isn’t always easy for everyone.

Depending on the bone structure in your hips, this might be fairly difcult, but do not fret, because there is a modification for you. To help ease the pose, sit on something that raises your hips. This can be a bolster, blanket, or pillow or two.

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