Weight Loss Meditation: How to Lose Body Fat by Meditating

Weight Loss Meditation: How to Lose Body Fat by Meditating

Learn how to meditate for weight loss solutions using stress meditation techniques.

People can be overweight for many different reasons. One reason is that some people tend to eat while depressed or stressed out.

Often, people will eat to compensate feelings of stress and depression. A healthier alternative involves meditation, which can be used to help cope with the feelings of stress and depression that may otherwise trigger over-eating.

Meditating to Eat Less

Eat lessEating can seem like such an easy fix to emotional distress – just grab some cookies or a container of ice cream for a sweet fix when feeling stressed or depressed.

However, it’s these sweet fixes that can lead to extra pounds, thus causing one to feel more stressed out and depressed.

Instead of masking the stress or depression, trying alleviating it with meditation.

Meditation has many health benefits such as stress reduction, lowering high blood pressure, (something commonly found in overweight people,) and reducing headaches.

The next time the urge hits to reach for a quick fix, try the following simple meditation instead.

Stress Reduction Meditation

Stress Reduction MeditationBefore beginning, take a minute to stretch out the body. Begin at the toes and continue up through the legs, torso, shoulders, arms, neck, and face. Now, sit down on a chair, keeping the back erect, and gently allow the eyes to close. Focus on the breath and start to breath slowly and deeply.

Next, think of something special; something that makes you feel good. This can be a favorite place to visit, a favorite person, a pet, or even a childhood teddy bear. Whatever it is, it needs to be something that brings up happy thoughts.

Focus only on this thought. While concentrating on it, begin to feel light and airy. Imagine a gentle wind blowing all around while a beautiful bright light begins to fill your body.

Notice all of the golden sparkles in the light and know that these golden sparkles are energy chargers that are bringing positive energy into the body. Take as long as needed to enjoy this time and when ready, end the meditation.

Fighting Depression with Meditation

Fighting Depression with MeditationDepression can be a leading cause for weight gain. Although meditation can’t completely alleviate depression, it can help. In the fight to lose weight that has been gained due to stress or depression, remember the key is to substitute a feel good meditation for that sweet fix.

To add to the above mediation, before ending it, take a few minutes to imagine feeling light as feather. Visualize dancing or twirling in a beautiful field of flowers or flying gracefully through the clouds.

Think how good this lightness feels and use this as an incentive to walk away from any unhealthy food.

Science has shown the numerous medical and emotional benefits of meditation. In helping to ease some of the stress or depression in life, one can find the strength to walk away from a sweet treat when feeling down.

Weight Loss Meditation: How to Lose Body Fat by Meditating

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