What is the Best Way to Lose Fat?

Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, and Weight Watchers are three of the most popular fat loss programs. But, if you’re not emotionally ready, even the best program won’t help!

The best weight and fat loss program depends on your personality, lifestyle, and habits. Weight loss centers have helped thousands of people lose weight fast – and sometimes even permanently. However, the best weight loss program in the world won’t do any good if you gained weight for emotional reasons.

Sometimes you need to deal with your state of mind and body image – and get to the root of your eating habits – before weight loss centers can help. Emotional eating, eating disorders, and body image may have caused weight gain; they definitely affect your ability to lose weight.

How do you find the best fat loss program for you? Here is information about three popular weight loss eating plans: Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, and Weight Watchers.

Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, and Weight Watchers

Jenny Craig offers portion-controlled pre-packaged food for the first while; you gradually start eating “your own” food. Personalized support through one-on-one consultations can help you stay focused.

You pay as you go in this weight loss program. Jenny Craig counselors receive a commission for food sales. Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli are current Jenny Craig spokeswomen; not surprisingly, both seem thrilled with their fat loss programs.

LA Weight Loss also offers one-on-one consultations, a low-calorie diet, and their own LA Weight Loss nutritional bars. In this weight loss program there’s no pre-packaged food like Jenny Craig; you make your own low-fat meals with lean meat, low-fat dairy, fruits, veggies and grains.

You pay for a year’s worth of counseling sessions up front – or you can pay monthly through a credit company. No money back guarantees if you quit or don’t lose fat.

Weight Watchers assigns point values to different types of food – and not even hot fudge brownie sundaes are off limits! In this fat loss program you’ll track points to add up your caloric intake. The “core plan” eliminates the point values and focuses on healthy foods. Weight Watchers has weekly group meetings, which could be great for motivation and support. Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson is the spokeswoman for Weight Watchers; she’s kept off the weight she lost in 1997.

Fat Loss Tips

If a weight loss program isn’t for you – and you’re not interested in weight loss surgery or adult weight loss camps – try these simple weight loss tips.

Healthy fat loss tips:

  • Check your emotions. Are you eating because you’re hurt, sad, lonely, depressed, angry or bored?
  • Listen to your body. Stop eating before you’re full.
  • Know your triggers. Do you overeat when your husband works late or you feel stressed at work? Learn healthier ways to cope.
  • Get enough sleep. When you’re tired, you may mistake hunger for fatigue.
  • Eat colorful meals: red tomatoes, brown rice, pink salmon, yellow peppers, green tea
  • Exercise. You already know how important this one is!

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